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Recording Options & Backline



Recording Options

1-Two track room recording (left & right) ($20)

2- Two track room board mix (5 room mics and assorted board additions) ($60)

3- Multi track recording. Pre-board . Each input is individual wav files. Includes the room recording - Price based on number of inputs . ($80-$140)



FULL PA.  All microphones (No wireless), stands and direct boxes.

FULL BACKLINE including:

Fender Deville guitar amp

2 Fender Deluxe 3 guitar amp

Soldano 4x12 guitar cabinet

Hartke  bass head w/Hartke Hydrive 410 bass Ccbinet

Yamaha drum kit W/ 22" kick plus hardware (we have 3 cymbal stands plus hi-hat)

(NO snare, cymbals, or kick pedal - please bring your own)


Yamaha C3 acoustic baby grand piano